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SAP Architecture Audit
Review and evaluate our clients SAP IT solutions and architecture.
Purpose of the Architecture Audit
  • Identify if you haven’t “overbought” SAP products

    • We see that often clients buy SAP products based on what was offered to them and not based on their own needs

  • Optimize the Bill Of Materials (BOM)

    • Is everything what you pay for also currently used

  • Identify the coherency of your SAP landscape

    • Based on the integration of your existing SAP solutions

    • Including Cloud, On-Premise & Hybrid scenarios

  • Is every environment properly used, evaluate “n-tier” landscape requirements

    • Based on project and usability requirements

    • N-tier: Development, integration test, quality, acceptance, production, education, sandbox, parallel landscape, ...

  • Your SAP solutions should be integrated in the whole IT landscape it should not be an “SAP island”

    • See which of your IT procedures are or are not applicable to SAP

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